Use Groove with Krisp to get the Best Sound in your Video Conference

If you don’t own an Apogee mic there is another approach you can take that has shocked everyone we’ve shared it with. This method works best using a pair of headphones, an audio interface like Apogee Groove and a truly impressive AI application called Krisp.

7 Simple Tips for the Perfect Mix

Mixing is one of the most important parts of a song’s creation. You put enormous work into the recording process, used all the best gear, and now you’re left with a rough draft of the magic you came to make. With a plan of attack, you can mix your session in a few hours with great results. Use these seven mixing tips to help guide you down that path.

How to Enhance Your Headphones When Traveling

Many of us are familiar with the loud roar of a plane’s engine. Whether you’re sitting in the front or kicking it in the back, the plane’s ambience can drown out your favorite playlist. Being in the air often whether it’s for business or for travel can be exhausting, but it can also be an escape. Music lets you relax and enjoy that escape. Make sure you’re not missing any of it due to background noise.

How to Make the Most of Your Virtual Instruments

We often hear people complain about virtual instruments saying they sound too digital. Some people avoid using them so their song has more authenticity to it. However, there comes a time where virtual instruments are needed. Maybe you felt something was missing and didn’t have the resources to record.