Dear Betty and Alex,

Hope all is well with you and the entire Apogee Family.  I wanted to send you a quick note and update you on the amazing difference your support is making for the children and young adults of Corazon de Vida!

August is back to school month in Baja and this year over 400 children living in Corazon de Vida supported orphanages entered school in primary, Jr. High, and High-School classes.  Thanks to your support, we provided funds for back to school uniforms and supplies in addition to back packs and other supplies that were donated by various groups.  August also marked back to school for our 40+ students that are in university, 6 of them are gearing up to graduate in December of this year, and 8 are starting this new 2017/2018 school cycle!  Every one of our students has the desire to give back to the orphanages and are already serving as role models for the children.  We are encouraged every day by the difference we are making in their lives and with the possibilities that lie ahead as they “pay it forward” and multiply our support for those in need!

In September, we will have our annual “Career Day” event in Tijuana and Ensenada, this is the event that Apogee has sponsored since its inception years ago.  In this event, Jr. High and High School students from our orphanages attend an introduction to various careers at the local public university.  For many, this is the first time the prospect of higher education becomes a real possibility.  With these events, we help the children begin to forge a vision for their future, knowing that CDV and our community of Angels are there to help make their dreams a reality.

Earlier this year, we made our traditional visit to Apogee.  As always, the students love visiting with you and meeting the amazing people that support them.  I am including a photo of our latest visit where future nurse Angie, future veterinarian Jacky, future psychologist Lupita, and recent graduate psychologist Ceci, visited and personally thanked everyone at Apogee for the many years of love and support.

Thank you for being our partners in this work, we are blessed to have you by our side!

Much Love,

Hilda Pacheco-Taylor



 A couple of years ago, Rancho de Los Niños orphanage was in danger of closing down due to the lack of funding to properly care for the children. Jorge and Ely Fonseca, who were both raised in the orphanage, took on the challenge of running the orphanage and becoming the new directors. Corazon de Vida Foundation, through its network of donors and volunteers that includes Apogee and its employees, has been fundraising to ensure that the home can remain open and care for their 65 kids, including 13 with special needs.

Earlier in the year, another nearby orphanage that Corazon de Vida supported decided to shut its doors. This was a home for teen girls, a tough age group since most orphanages don’t take kids older than 12. Fearing that the girls would be sent to various orphanages and possibly even rehab centers, CDV asked Jorge and Ely if they could take in the 20 displaced girls.

CDV promised to help with funding to support their growing family. Jorge and Ely took a leap of faith and agreed to take the girls in, even though they did not have adequate space for them – they needed to rehab a dorm and they needed a 16-passenger van to be able to transport the new residents to and from school.  CDV was able to fundraise to rehab the dorm, and Apogee provided the funds for a new 16-passenger van!

As difficult as this move has been for the girls, they are settling in, glad to be together and able to attend the same schools and be around their friends. We are thankful for Jorge and Ely’s willingness to grow their family by 20 to a current total of 80 and for trusting that we will be there to support them.