How Paul Barton Records Piano With a Stereo Pair of HypeMiC’s

Paul Barton is an incredibly gifted pianist. Originally from Yorkshire, England the multi-talented Englishman now resides in Bangkok, Thailand. It is here that he has set up a life for himself alongside his wife Khwan and their 7-year-old daughter Emilie. He currently runs his own recording studio, which is equipped with a beautiful Feurich 218 – Concert 1 piano. 

He has helped countless pianists all around the world develop their skills by providing free educational content on his youtube channel. He currently has close to 600K subscribers and has amassed over 150 million views across his videos.

Paul has been an avid supporter of Apogee products for years. He has countless videos on his youtube channel dedicated to the original Duet 2. You can see one of his earlier videos below of how he set up Duet 2 to record his take on Debussy’s “Clair de Lune.”

However, the newest addition to his studio and setup is none other than Apogee’s latest USB microphone, HypeMiC. When Paul realized he could record his piano straight into his computer without the need for an audio interface, yet still retain Apogee’s signature sound quality, he was intrigued. 

Check out this amazing video of him and his awesome assistant Emilie aggregating 2 Apogee HypeMiC’s to record his grand piano in stereo.

He provides tons of video showcasing recording samples so that you can get an idea of the sound quality you can get from having a pair of HypeMiC’s set up in stereo, without the need for an audio interface.

Apogee’s HypeMiC has completely changed the way he will record his piano going forward. If you’re interested in learning more about HypeMiC and recording your own piano, check out this page here.

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