First Take

Introducing First Take – a free multichannel recording application perfect for podcasting or saving musical ideas. (macOS only)

Start Your Podcasting Journey

4 Makes It A Party

Record a podcast with 4 participants by connecting up to four Apogee USB microphones to a single computer or USB Hub. First Take is compatible with HypeMiC, MiC Plus, & ClipMiC digital 2.

Set Up Your Ideal Mix

Eliminate the technical complexities that most recording applications require. Set up you session in seconds without having any audio technical knowledge.

Be Heard With Crystal Clear Audio

Let your story shine with full 48kHz/24-bit resolution for ultimate sonic clarity. Don’t let bad audio ruin a great story.

Capturing the Magic with First Take


What applications can First Take be used for? arrow down

First Take was created to make recording with multiple Apogee USB mics as easy and quick as possible. First Take is ideal for recording podcasts, interviews, jam sessions with other musicians, & more.

How many mics can I record at the same time? arrow down

First Take accepts up to 4 Apogee USB mics.

What Apogee mics are supported by First Take? arrow down

HypeMiC, Mic Plus, and ClipMiC digital 2.

What is the sample rate, bit depth, and file format of First Take audio files? arrow down

The sample rate is 48kHz, bit depth is 24 bits, and file format is Broadcast Wave. These settings are fixed.

Where are my First Take recordings stored? arrow down

Your recordings are stored in Documents > Apogee > FirstTake> RecordingName >TakeNumber

Can I use a USB hub? arrow down

Yes! Apogee recommends a USB 3 hub or a powered USB 2 hub.

Download First Take