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Bob Clearmountain’s Dolby Atmos Showcase at Apogee Studio

Recently Apogee invited producers, engineers, and recording studio professionals to a private event to experience Bob Clearmountain’s immersive audio mixes at Apogee Studio.  Attendees were then invited to stay on for a Q&A session.

Bob’s Dolby Atmos mixes were played on a full 7.1.4 setup with some of the industry’s best monitors by Genelec. From hearing Bryan Adam’s hits to the reggae king Bob Marley, the experience was truly immersive and showcased what can be achieved when transcending the boundaries of traditional audio mixing.

The Symphony I/O Mk II plays a big role for Bob Clearmountain in achieving his unparalleled quality of immersive audio mixes. His streamlined setup utilizing Apogee’s flagship interface excels at setting the industry standard in immersive audio mixing.

Many were inspired by the way the Symphony I/O Mk II simplifies a typically complicated setup for producers and mix engineers. In another testament to Apogee’s prowess in professional studio environments, Bob showcased how he simultaneously mixes in stereo and Dolby Atmos, establishing a workflow of efficiency and simplicity in audio mixing that others can replicate on both analog and in-the-box systems. 

Whether you are working from a professional studio or out of your spare bedroom, this event will inspire you to take immersive audio seriously and feel confident that you can achieve a top-quality immersive mix with affordable tools to get started. You do not want to miss this chance to experience another round of auditory bliss and cutting-edge audio technology.