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New Bob Clearmountain’s Domain Presets Unleash Sonic Mayhem

Introducing a transformative update to Clearmountain’s Domain, the innovative plugin that brings Bob Clearmountain’s legendary FX chain directly to your fingertips. This powerful tool empowers you to create mixes that shimmer with sonic brilliance, just like the music Bob himself has helped define.

Witness firsthand as Bob Clearmountain and his mix assistant, Ira Becker, guide you through a few of the presets – showcasing their sonic potential.

For even greater flexibility, many presets now come in “Aux” and “Track” versions. The “Aux” version delivers a 100% wet effect, ideal for parallel processing, while the “Track” version allows for seamless integration directly onto your instrument or vocal tracks. The intuitive FX Blend knob empowers you to effortlessly fine-tune the effect’s intensity.

Download the latest version of Clearmountain’s Domain today!