How to Improve Your Spotify Sound Quality

If you have a premium Spotify account, a high quality headphone amplifier/DAC such as Apogee Groove and hi-fidelity headphones like Sennheiser’s HD-650, you can experience the ultimate in music streaming sound quality on your Mac or Windows laptop. Spotify premium accounts offer a High Quality streaming option in the preferences panel. This will give you 320 kbps streaming, the highest quality compressed streaming audio available.

Here’s how to enable high quality streaming with Spotify Premium:

1. Open Spotify Preferences

2. Find the Music Quality section

3. Toggle the “High quality streaming” slider to the on or green position

4. Enjoy ultimate listening!

More about Apogee Groove

Apogee Groove is a DAC and headphone amp that unlocks the full potential of your music listening experience, revealing definition, clarity and details like you have never heard before. Combined with high resolution streaming from Spotify Premium, you’ll be amazed by the difference in sound quality – the precise stereo image, punchy bass and stunningly clear high-hats.

Apogee Groove