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macOS Ventura Compatibility Information

Apogee is pleased to announce that all products are compatible with macOS Ventura. For the following legacy products, you will need to download Control 2 software which replaces Maestro 2. Head over to our Downloads page to grab the latest installers.

  1. Duet 2 & Duet for iPad & Mac
  2. ONE for Mac
  3. ONE for iPad & Mac
  4. Quartet

Apple has discontinued the Firewire CoreAudio driver with macOS Ventura. This means audio products that connect via Firewire will not work on Ventura and must remain on macOS Monterey or earlier. Apogee products affected include:

  • X-Firewire option card for Rosetta 200/800 units and AD-16x/DA-16x.
  • Ensemble Firewire
  • Duet Firewire