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Have you ever missed that ‘special’ moment, when creativity and emotion come together for the perfect take, only to miss it because you aren’t in your studio – but you are stuck in a hotel room, on a trip, a tour bus? 

Inspired by producer Neff-U’s request for an all-in-one compressor, interface and microphone, Apogee delivered the perfect solution: the HypeMiC. As a token of Neff-U’s gratitude for the product, he showcased the microphone with special guest Randy Jackson at Guitar Center in West LA last month.

At the event, the HypeMiC shined in its demonstration of male and female vocals, percussion, and rap. Neff-U led a collaborative ensemble by inviting audience members to join in on group percussion and a chorus of “You are seen, loved, and appreciated”. Out of his own generosity, Neff-U gifted all audience percussionists with a complimentary HypeMic.

It became evident that this microphone is not just for podcasters, artists, or producers; it is an all-encompassing solution for creative minds. With the ability to choose preset compression settings, its classic Apogee A/D conversion, and its high quality sound delivered in a portable compact device, the Apogee HypeMiC is the perfect choice to add to your microphone collection.