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ClipMic digital 2 brings professional audio production for videographers and film makers to iOS, Mac, Windows & Android

Bring the sound in your independent movies to life with Apogee Clip Mic digital 2, a professional USB and iOS-compatible lavalier microphone. While you might rely on DSLRs and iPhones as flexible tools for capturing great-looking video, to capture the emotion and articulation of your dialog clearly, you’ll always want your microphone closer to the audio source—your actors. Get the professional sound quality of a high-end lavalier microphone compatible with iOS, Mac and Android devices. No mixer required.

A Breakthrough new way to approach Audio recording in video production

Combine Apogee’s ClipMic digital 2 microphone with Apogee’s Metarecorder App and Blue Timecode devices to fundamentally improve the way you record audio on set.

Apogee has fundamentally changed and simplified the way filmmakers can approach recording audio. It used to be that you needed a dedicated sound person recording audio through an expensive mixer that managed all of your audio devices. Now, you can leverage the phone in your pocket (as well as all of the other people on your set’s phones) to deliver incredible sounding audio. Here’s how it works:

First, Make sure all of your actors sound their best with Apogee’s ClipMic digital 2, which delivers the highest quality sound of any mobile based lavalier on the market.

Second, connect that Clipmic into either your iPhone or an actor’s iPhone and use Apogee’s Metarecorder App (free with purchase of Clipmic) to capture all of your scene, take and even Final Cut Pro role metadata. Do this for all of your actors/interviewees.

Third, you can use another iPhone/IOS device to link to all of the iPhones you’re working with start/stop recording and set levels remotely via wifi or bluetooth (you have to see this to believe it).

Fourth, You can even sync time-code to your devices using Ultrasync Blue.

Finally, bring it all together for syncing in your NLE of choice seamlessly syncing via timecode or waveform in Final Cut or by using Pluraleyes in Premiere.

Working this way using your own mobile and IOS devices cuts hundreds of dollars out of your budget, and saves you endless amounts of time and aggravation in post production. Not only that, but the quality of your audio will be just as good as it would be normally.

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Capture high-quality dialog

With a compact lavalier microphone capsule, combined with Apogee’s analog-to-digital conversion and low-noise mic preamplifier technology, you can record to your mobile device or laptop with sound quality previously only available with much more expensive solutions.

Record, synchronize & organize takes with MetaRecorder for iPhone and iPad

Terrified of what to do with all of your files when it’s time to edit them? Syncing and managing your files has never been easier when you record them with Apogee MetaRecorder—free when you purchse ClipMic digital 2.

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Plug and Play

There’s enough to worry about when you’re shooting—keep your audio simple and high quality with Clip Mic digital 2 plugged directly into your iOS, Mac, Windows or Android device, with no additional software needed.

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