Apogee strives to achieve the most eco-friendly and balanced business possible.

From minimizing plastic and environmentally harmful components in its products and packaging to installing solar panels on its Santa Monica headquarters to offering incentives for employees to walk and bike to work, Apogee is committed to constantly improving and evaluating its impact on the local and global community.

Solar Powered Since 2005

Apogee Headquarters in Santa Monica, CA is powered by 32 kilowatt solar array consisting of 152 panels that supply 60% of Apogee’s total power and electrical requirements. The solar array also charges a battery backup system, which fulfills Apogee’s power needs in the event of an emergency. Any surplus power generated on weekends and holidays is fed back to the greater Los Angeles power grid.

Apogee also uses high-efficiency A/C, LED lighting, computer systems, and effective use of natural light. Apogee continues to identify further efficiencies, which combined with recent solar upgrades has made the company nearly grid neutral.


CEO and Co-Founder Betty Bennett’s intentions are to implement all feasible methods to reduce any negative impact on the environment. The company strives to make its corporate functionality consistent with its ethics. Bennett explains, “Apogee’s commitment to the environment is a priority. We are doing our best to create a workplace that is conducive to creativity, productivity and environmental awareness.” 

The Green Gang – Apogee Walks and Bikes to Work

Apogee’s main offices are located in sunny Santa Monica, California. Many of Apogee’s employees enjoy taking advantage of the great weather year round and bike and walk to work. Beyond this quite a few Apogee staff members opt to ride the bus to work. An even larger number car pool or park off site and walk to work. Apogee encourages employees to bike, walk, car pool or ride accessible Santa Monica public transportation, in an ongoing effort to be as environmentally conscious as possible. Employees have access to showers, a safe place to park their bikes, and lockers.

Green Thumb

Our most recent development is the addition of composting! This year we have added composting bins to our office to help with kitchen food waste.

The City of Santa Monica awarded Apogee Electronics the 2017 Grand Prize Sustainable Quality Award

Awarded annually, the SQA promotes the efforts of local businesses making significant achievements in the areas of sustainable economic development, social responsibility, and stewardship of the natural environment. The SQA nurtures Santa Monica’s sustainable business community, inspiring other businesses to adopt their own sustainable practices and providing residents and visitors with a healthy economy and environment.

Reduction of Plastic Use

Apogee and its staff have made a commitment to reduce single-use plastic consumption in the office and at home. In this effort Apogee no longer uses plastic utensils, cups, water bottles and other single-use disposable plastics for office gatherings and third party events hosted at Apogee’s headquarters. This is in support of the Plastic Pollution Coalition.

Green Business Certification Program

In the Fall of 2008, Apogee Electronics joined the Santa Monica Green Business Certification Program. The City of Santa Monica, the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce, Sustainable Works and the Santa Monica Convention and Visitors Bureau recognize and certify the outstanding green businesses in the community and promotes their services. By participating in this program and becoming certified, Apogee Electronics enjoys the unique benefits of this select group. Apogee Electronics agrees that “A green business is a smart business, and smart businesses run successful operations while protecting the environment which sustains our economy.”

for more info: http://www.smgbc.org/directory/apogee-electronics-corporation

Apogee’s ROHS and WEEE Compliance

Declaration of RoHS Compliance for Apogee Products

Apogee Electronics Corp. hereby declares that all of its products are in compliance with the RoHS Directive, its exemptions and annexes on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment. Apogee Electronics Corp. is committed to ongoing compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations, and has implemented processes that will phase out banned and restricted substances, except where there is no technologically feasible alternative or until we can ensure technical performance and long term reliability.

Declaration of WEEE Compliance for Apogee Products

The WEEE Directive (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, 2002/96/EC) addresses the End of Life (EOL) phase of products and contributes to the reduction of wasteful consumption of natural resources. Apogee complies with the Directive by providing complete product return/removal services. In some cases this may result in additional fees.