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Duet Le Audio Interface and Dock
Duet Le Audio Interface and Dock

Duet 3 LE


Limited Edition Set

Level up your home studio recordings, or bring the studio wherever you go with Duet 3 LE. Clean up your desk with the streamlined dock for inputs and outputs, and finesse your sound with Apogee’s best EQ and reverb plugins. The limited edition bundle is valued over $1,400.

  • Includes $645 of free software

  • 2 mic/line inputs and preamps

  • Onboard DSP

  • Compatible with iOS, Mac, and Windows

Superior Sound Quality

Let’s Be Transparent

With +65dB of gain and Apogee’s legendary conversion quality, you won’t find a better pair of mic preamps in this class of audio interfaces.

Inspired Workflow

The Duet 3 is a powerhouse when it comes to a portable pro audio interface. However, when paired with the Duet Dock, the overall experience is elevated. The angled positioning and rear panel connectors of the Duet Dock help tidy up your desk.

Collaborate in Harmony

Connecting the Duet and Duet Dock introduces an extra headphone jack, enabling seamless collaboration and focused creativity.

3 of Apogee’s Best Plugins

Elevate your productions and mixes with added dimension thanks to the 3 included plugins: 1. Pultec EQP-1A ($199) 2. Pultec MEQ-5. ($199) 3. Clearmountain’s Spaces ($49)

Product Details




Bundled Software

In The Box







*All iPads with an USB-C port are compatible with BOOM.
Devices with a Lightning port require the camera connection kit and a powered USB-A hub.

Included With Duet 3 LE*:

*All offers require registration of a new Duet 3 LE on Apogee website

  • Duet 3
  • Duet Dock
  • USB Type C / Type A cable
User Guide PDF (1.89 MB)

A High-End Upgrade for Your Mobile Studio

Is Duet 3 compatible with Apple Silicon? arrow down

Yes, the Apogee Duet 3 is compatible with Apple Silicon (M1) Macs.

What is the second USB-C port for? Can I connect midi devices to this port? arrow down

This port is used for connecting an external power supply only. It does not support any passthrough for other USB or MIDI devices.

Is Duet 3 USB Class-Compliant? arrow down

Yes, all Apogee USB products are class compliant.

Does Duet 3 require external power? arrow down

Computers with USB Type C ports supporting USB 3.0 and up should deliver enough bus power to operate the Duet 3.

On computers with USB Type A ports (USB 1 and 2), there could be scenarios where insufficient power is available for Duet 3. Under these circumstances, you can use the additional USB-C port to provide the extra power needed.

Can you run other plugins on Duet’s DSP, like reverb? arrow down

No, the Duet 3 internal DSP only runs the ECS Channels Strip.