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Groove Anniversary Edition


Reference Headphone Amp

Experience the power of 32 Bit / 192 kHz with the Anniversary Edition Groove. Hearing every detail matters and if you’re looking for the best solution to produce/mix/master records on the roads then Groove has you covered.

  • Experience Lossless Audio at 192kHz

  • 32 bit Headphone DAC

  • Improve Frequency Response of Headphones

  • iOS, Mac, and PC Friendly

Hear Every Detail – Precisely

Product Details




In The Box

  • ESS Sabre DAC
  • Constant Current Drive provides smooth frequency response with any headphones
  • Quad Sum DACTM, 4 DACs per channel for the highest dynamic range and lowest distortion
  • Asynchronous clocking
  • THD+N: -109 dB with 600 Ohm load @ 16 dBu
  • THD+N: -101 dB with 30 Ohm load @ 10.5 dBu
  • Dynamic Range: 119 dB (A-weighted)
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz-20kHz (@44.1kHz) +/- 0.1 dB
  • Max output level: 225mW into 30 Ohm
  • Max output level: 40mW into 600 Ohm
  • Listen to Hi-Res Lossless Audio on Tidal, Apple Music, Qobuz & More.
  • Compatible with USB-C iPhones, Mac, and PC.
  • Up to 32 bit / 192kHz audio
  • Multi-color LEDs for status and level indication
  • Top panel buttons adjust and mute volume
  • Premium Aluminum Build Construction
  • Built in the USA
  • Memory: 2 GB Ram minimum, 4 GB recommended
  • macOS 10.8 or greater
  • No download or installation necessary.
  • Windows 7 or greater
  • Windows Users will need to download our driver.
  • Groove Anniversary Edition
  • USB-A Cable (1 Meter)
  • USB-C Cable (1 Meter)
  • Carrying Pouch

Turn It Up


Does Groove work with iOS devices? arrow down

Yes. With iPads and iPhones that have USB-C ports built-in, just connect directly using the supplied USB-C cable and it will automatically be recognized and work. If the iPad or iPhone has a Lightning port, you need to use Apple’s Lighting to USB3 camera adapter with an external power supply.

Does Groove work with USB on-the-go devices? arrow down

No. Groove is a high-performance headphone amplifier and DAC designed to power the most demanding premium headphones. On-the-go devices simply do not provide enough power for high quality headphone drivers.

My Groove gets really warm/hot, is this normal? arrow down

Yes. You may notice that the Apogee Groove can get pretty warm when it’s connected to your computer and powered up. This is completely normal and it doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with it. Audio quality with very low noise and low distortion requires using more current and this creates heat dissipation. In order to get the amazing audio performance it does, Groove requires a decent amount of current, and because of this, it will definitely get warm. If you connect your Groove to your computer and it is recognized by the computer, plays back audio, and starts to feel warm to the touch after a while, this means it is working as expected. If there were a hardware issue with a Groove, it would either not power up at all (which means it wouldn’t get warm) or it would power up, but not play audio.


Don Was
“As president of a record label, I spend a great deal of time listening to music. As a record producer, I’ve spent countless hours in the studio crafting recordings that have captured amazing performances, only to be heard with compromised sound quality. Groove brings back all the fidelity, dynamics and emotion of the original recordings. I won’t listen to music without it, and neither should you.”

Don Was

President of Blue Note Records / Grammy Award Winning Producer

Mike Knobloch
“As a longtime Apogee fan and user, I’ve gotten pretty accustomed to the first-rate sound quality that Apogee’s products provide. So, I was beyond excited when the Groove came out. Like everyone, I’m always on the road listening to music off of laptops and devices, but there wasn’t really a good, portable, practical and seamlessly integrated headphone pre-amp that would fit into my routine… until now! Groove delivers that same first-rate Apogee quality in a perfect pint-sized package. I never want to be Groove-less again!”

Mike Knobloch

President, Film Music and Publishing at Universal Pictures

John Rodd
“Apogee Groove makes my headphones sound incredible. Whatever they did with the output stage sounds amazing, as do it’s converters. Highly recommended.”

John Rodd

Music Recording, Mixing and Mastering Engineer