ClipMic digital 2

Lavalier Mics + UltraSync BLUE Audio for Video Kits

From personal to professional applications, video capture technology has made huge leaps forward in recent years. However, recording quality audio for your video can still be a difficult and confusing process. No visual feedback during recording, syncing issues in post production, using a clapper for syncing, marking your best takes, etc – the list goes on.

With the availability of the transformative ClipMic digital 2 Video Kit, Apogee provides the answer to your audio for video challenges. The ClipMic digital kit lets you add metadata right into your recording, use timecode to perfectly sync takes between video and multiple mics, have visual feedback on recording, & more. By pairing ClipMic digital 2 lavalier microphones, Atomos’ UltraSync BLUE bluetooth timecode device, & the MetaRecorder audio recording app for iOS you get a professional audio solution for any type of video project in an easy to carry case.

The ClipMic + UltraSync BLUE kits come in 2 lavalier mic and 4 lavalier mic configurations.

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See how multiple ClipMics can be easily synchronized using timecode and the UltraSync BLUE by Atomos
If you are shooting professional video on your iPhone, ClipMic digital 2 is the best way to get professional sound

About ClipMic digital 2

ClipMic digital is the perfect personal microphone solution for capturing dialog, interviews, narration, lessons, auditions, singing and conferencing. The compact lavalier microphone capsule, combined with Apogee’s analog-to-digital conversion and low-noise mic preamplifier technology, allows ClipMic digital to record and stream audio from your mobile device or laptop with sound quality previously only available with much more expensive solutions

About UltraSync BLUE

UltraSync BLUE allows you to synchronize timecode over Bluetooth® to an expanding range of compatible cameras, audio recorders and apps.

Whether you’re filming a wedding, a vlog, an independent film, the news, a reality show, television documentary, or even a feature film, the UltraSync BLUE offers the power of professional sync in a compact, wireless product that’s small enough to fit in your pocket and affordable enough to be used on any type of production.

MetaRecorder app for iOS

Apogee’s MetaRecorder is a two-channel audio recording app made specifically for the ClipMic digital microphone or any iOS microphone. The app is easy to use and offers professional quality, 24 bit/96 kHz audio recording as well as metadata features that make it simple to edit your video. You can also use MetaRecorder to adjust microphone input gain. Essential features of MetaRecorder can be controlled from Apple Watch – start and stop recording, add a take to Favorites, add Markers or set your microphone input level.

Transform Your Final Cut Pro® X workflow

Apply metadata tags like Keywords, Favorites, Markers and more to your audio files while recording in the field, then share the recorded audio and Final Cut Pro® XML files to Dropbox directly from MetaRecorder. When imported into Final Cut Pro on a Mac, the captured metadata greatly simplifies the process of organizing and parsing your media, substantially accelerating your post-production workflow.

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Getting Started

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ClipMic Explained


Frequency Response

30 – 20,000 Hz

Gain Range

0 to 35 dB

Max Sound Pressure Level (SPL)

127dB @ minimum gain
92dB @ maximum gain


-46 dBfs (80 dB SPL, 1kHz)
@ minimum gain
-11 dBfs (80 dB SPL, 1kHz)
@ maximum gain

Equivalent Noise Level (A weighted)

-90dBfs @ minimum gain
-68 dBfs @ maximum gain

Sample Rates

44.1, 48, 88.2, 96 kHz

Capsule Diameter


Capsule Pick-up Pattern


Capsule Type

Pre-polarized Condenser Microphone

Mic Cable Length

4 ft. (1.2m)

Adaptor Cable Length

USB-A : 3.3 ft. (1m)
USB-C: 3.3 ft. (1m)
Lightning: 1ft. (0.3m)

In the Box

In the Box