GiO Customer Reviews

Everything I hoped it would be


“I bought this not really for recording but for controlling Mainstage 2. The possibilities are endless with the amp designer and pedalboard designer in Mainstage. The Gio is a very solid piece of equipment. Once Logic 9 was installed, I plugged it in and was controlling Amp presets within seconds. Very easy to use and the footswitch lights are extremely helpful as different colors tell you what type of effect it controls.”

From Guitar Center

Perfect for Logic recording


“Gio eliminates tons of mouse clicking and trips between the computer and the instrument. Truly hands free recording as advertised. It’s totally intuitive to guitarists especially if you’ve used a pedal board… a great extension to bring the virtual power of Logic’s amps and pedals back into the musician’s world.”

From Apple Store



“I love this pedal. I works great with GarageBand and MainStage. Currently using it with MainStage 1 which requires a bit more setup, but works like a charm. The I/O processing in the pedal is amazing. I never had any latency issues even when I really push it.”

From Apple Store

The Gio Nothing Else!! Apogee rules!


“Having hands free and the ability to interface while recording or playing is the BEST. Tricky to use with the duet im still working on it but im having too much fun playing around with it for now”

From B & H

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