Podcasting could be considered a disruptive technology. Anyone with an internet connection and an Apogee MiC96k can produce and distribute a podcast bringing broadcasting to the masses. Many people who produce podcasts have a message, product or service that they want to promote. Some are hobbyists while others are professionals. Today, many broadcasting networks also distribute programs via podcasts. One of the main benefits of listening to a podcast over watching a video, browsing the web or reading a book is you can do another activity at the same time like driving a car, working, walking or exercising.

In 2005 Apple released iTunes 4.9 which added support for podcasts however iTunes is not required to publish or download a podcast. Anyone can easily create a blog or post podcasts to websites like Youtube, Reddit, Soundcloud and many others for free.

MiC-for-Mac-and-Windows-FaceBook-1200x628Apogee MiC96K is an ideal tool to record podcasts because it is small and portable, connects directly and digitally to an iPhone, iPad, Mac or Windows computer without the need for additional power. But most importantly, the MiC recordings sound fantastic. You don’t want your podcasts to sound like they were recorded on a phone or a cheap microphone. The Apogee MiC96k captures studio quality audio and is easy to use.

When you are ready to release your content, http://podcastplaces.com is a great resource to find podcasting blogs, apps and directories.