Apogee Jam X


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  • Built-In Analog Compressor to help shape your tone
  • Three compression settings:
    • Smooth  Leveler (Lowest amount of compression)
    • Purple Squeeze (Medium amount of compression)
    • Vintage Blue Stomp. (Aggressive amount of compression)
  •  Output Blend feature offers zero-latency monitoring and recording
  •  Built-In Output that delivers clarity and plenty of volume to headphones and powered monitors
  •  Includes Exclusive Extended trial of Archetype: Tim Henson from Neural DSP
  •  Includes Ableton Live Lite
  •  Rugged metal body with soft touch base
  •  No configuration, just plug in and play
  •  24-bit/96kHz recording
  •  Works with Mac, PC, iPhone, and iPad (Lightning Cable sold separately)

Bring Your Instrument To Life

Mobile Guitar Interface

Responsive and musical, Jam X brings your direct tone to a whole other level thanks to its built-in analog compressor. Choose from 3 presets that respond to how much you drive the input gain.


*All iPads with a USB-C port are compatible with Jam X.
Devices with a Lightning port require lightning to a micro USB cable. Which is sold separately here.

For Windows download the Apogee ASIO Driver by registering your product.