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Studio quality microphone you can take anywhere

Apogee MiC is a professional studio quality USB microphone you can directly connect to your iPad, iPhone, and Mac. About the size of an iPhone, MiC makes it easy to capture your best take with incredible quality, anywhere your music takes you. Record any sound you can imagine, from vocals to voice-overs, instruments to interviews and everything in between, and build a track right on your iPad, iPhone or Mac with GarageBand.

2 reviews for Apogee MiC 96k For iPad, iPhone and Mac (New)

  1. R. Brown

    Review from Amazon.com

    I bought my first smart phone a couple weeks ago, and chose the iphone simply because it was smaller than most of the others I was interested in and would fit in my pocket. I’d heard of garageband but thought it was probably a toy app. Then I found reviews of the Apogee Mic which, when combined with an iphone and garageband, could actually record very good sound. That’s when I got excited about my new phone! I’ve bought thousands of dollars worth of home recording gear over the last 25 years, including several microphones, but the sound that I get from this Apogee Mic 96k with a bit of Garageband reverb is better than most of the sound that I’ve gotten in the past. I’m no professional engineer, and probably made a lot of mistakes with my other complicated equipment, but this iphone/garageband/Apogee Mic combo is dead easy and great sounding. The main control to set is the gain switch on the mic itself. I was initially going to buy the original Apogee Mic for $199, but I needed the lightning cable and didn’t think that one came with it. I also wanted a mic stand adapter. This 96k version comes with both those things for less money than if I’d bought them separately with the cheaper mic. I’m guessing this is the exact same mic except this one is able to record at higher quality if your software supports it, which iphone garageband doesn’t. Both versions come with a tabletop tripod, and you can use any generic camera tripod if you have one. I think this setup is perfect for the person who wants to do fairly simple but good sounding recordings.

  2. Amazon

    “I’m not a microphone expert by any means, and as with most things musical it’s largely subjective anyway, but I thought MiC did a fantastic job recording my acoustic guitar.” Rumpelstilzchen

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