Apogee BOOM


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March 16th – April 17th.

Save big on Apogee’s BOOM for the next month and get 2 native plugins included with your purchase. For a limited time, BOOM now includes Clearmountain’s Spaces & Symphony ECS Channel Strip native plugins.

Once you have registered your product on your Apogee Account, please email hello@apogeedigital.com with a picture of your serial number and receipt to receive the plugin links.

Whether you’re a musician, podcaster, or live streamer, Apogee BOOM will inspire you to take your projects to the next level.

  • Dial in Rich Analog tone with onboard DSP running ECS Channel Strip.
  • Powerful mic preamp and pristine conversion.
  • Studio-grade headphone amp and DAC will power anything from in-ear monitors to high-impedance headphones, thanks to its zero-ohm headphone output.
  • Build the ultimate live stream using Apogee’s control mixer and loopback mode.
  • Apogee Control 2 software gives you complete access to all BOOM functions and features on iOS devices
  • Comes bundled with Apogee’s Soft Limit, Ableton Live Lite, and Neural DSP Tone King extended trial.