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Legendary Quality. Lowest Latency. Maximum Performance.


What makes Symphony the best sounding, most powerful, 
most affordable pro audio production system ever?

  • The Legendary Sound Quality of Apogee Converters
  • Up to 64 Channels of I/O per card with the Symphony 64
  • Ultra low latency… 1.8 Milliseconds at 96kHz
  • Maximum Plug-in Processing with Apple’s 8 Core Mac Pro
  • Cutting-edge Music Production with Apple’s Logic Pro

The Composition of
a Symphony System

Symphony I/O | Symphony 64 PCIe Card | Apple Mac Pro

Legendary Sound Quality

Apogee’s Symphony I/O

Apogee’s Symphony I/O is the result of 25 years of research and development, delivering ultimate recording quality. With optimized circuitry, total I/O flexibility and next-generation sound quality, Symphony I/O perfects the collaboration between Apogee audio hardware and the Mac.

Apogee technology delivers the most accurate representation of audio with all of the elusive subtleties which are so critical when mixing. Trust your audio with Apogee. Symphony I/O>

Massive Processing Power

Apple Mac Pro

Apple’s 12-Core Intel Mac Pro is the muscle of The Symphony System and surpasses any combination of multi-DSP card-based systems in capability, affordability and value. The dynamic allocation of processor power, on an “as needed basis” means resources as and when you need them with processors and power to spare. If you are building a workstation, which will demand hundreds of plug-ins, power hungry reverbs and huge sampled instruments, The Apple “Mac Tower Of Power” is key and Symphony 64 is built to perform with the Mac Pro.

Highest Performance, Lowest Latency

Symphony 64 PCIe Card

The core of the Symphony System is the Symphony 64 PCIe card. With the flexibility of up to 64 channels of input and output Symphony 64 doubles the amount of I/O previously available on one Symphony card. And, the Symphony PCIe driver design provides and elegant and rock solid connection capable of delivering incredibly low latency. The pairing of Symphony’s superior driver performance and the brute strength of Apple’s Mac Pro provides a superior foundation for any Core Audio based studio.

Symphony 64 PCIe Features

  • 64 channels of 24-bit 192kHz digital I/O
  • 1.8 milliseconds of latency from analog source in to analog source out
  • Two 32 channel, PC-32, bi-directional connectors
  • Direct connectivity to Apogee’s Symphony I/O or Rosetta 800, Rosetta 200, AD-16X and DA-16X converters equipped with an X-Symphony card
  • Compatible with any Core Audio software application
  • Includes Apogee’s Maestro Software for advanced control and routing

Designed for Logic,

Compatible with any Core
Audio Application

Logic, the all-in-one DAW

Apple’s Logic is the creative center of The Symphony System and the provides the ultimate all-in-one DAW for music production, editing and mixing. With the included studio instruments, effects, and sound library you can create and build any sound you desire and record and edit live performances quickly and with precision. When it comes time to mix, Logic offers advanced and comprehensive tools to put the professional finish on any musical project. And even though Symphony is optimized for Logic, it’s Native, so you can use Symphony with any Core Audio compliant application. Apple Logic Studio>

Apogee Maestro

Apogee Maestro 2 Logo

Conduct your Symphony System
with Maestro

Maestro is an innovative and intuitive software interface that functions between OS X applications (OS 10.4 and above) and Apogee hardware. With Maestro you can control all Apogee hardware inputs and outputs connected to the computer by Symphony or Symphony Mobile.

Input & Output Routing

Maestro’s Input and Output control panels allow for extensive routing between all Apogee hardware interfaces connected to Symphony or Symphony Mobile and Core Audio applications. This makes configuration easy and re-routing changes effortless.

Cost and Investment

The Defining Moment in Next-Generation Audio Workstations is Here… Symphony.

All of this next-generation performance is now available at a fraction of the cost of systems that rely on overpriced, under performing card-based technologies. The Symphony System provides a powerful foundation of scalability and flexibility and promotes open access to any native based solutions that may emerge, allowing you and your studio to have every advantage of modern music production.

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