Swedish Artist Karin Park

On Apogee Ensemble

Karin Park is a singer, songwriter, and producer based in Leksand, Sweden, and has a particular intrigue with Apogee Ensemble. With vast experience as a producer and artist, Karin has extensive knowledge with recording equipment and what she likes in an audio interface. Karin takes us through her church turned studio Djura Missionshus, in this Artist Q & A.

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“I think I’ve  been recording in over a 100 studios over the years and really been able to make up my mind about what I like and don’t like in a studio.
In my studio I focus a lot on atmosphere, the light, the colours….. It’s what I appreciate when I go somewhere myself.  Surroundings that brings out the best in people which is ultimately what we’re dealing with in a studio. Recording peoples performances. And of course it has to feel and sound great.”

Djura Missionshus, Leksand, Sweden

“So I wanted the perfect recording chain. That’s why I use Apogee Ensemble. 
I have two Ensembles next to each other which I’ve connected. I used one at first but eventually I needed more channels but I still didn’t want a mixing desk. 
I also wanted to bring one of the Ensembles on tour with me occasionally so now  I just use two Ensembles which are connected and it works really well.” 
“After I built the studio in this church along side my analague synthesizers I’ve collected many old organs, pianos, a tape Mellotron and even a big church organ so I hardly ever use midi anymore. Therefor, recording the instruments is such a big part of my sound and the Apogee ensemble allows me to capture that sound in a great way.   I think I got my first Apogee Duet in 2007. Min brother bought for me. 
So I’ve used Apogee for a good 13 years now. Still works great for me!” 

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