Audio Interfaces for Surround Sound Monitoring

Apogee was an early adopter of surround sound monitoring technology – in 2007 Ensemble FireWire was our first interface with built-in 5.1 speaker control. Today Apogee offers a full lineup of products that support a wide variety of surround sound monitoring outputs and options. From edit bay to scoring stage, there’s an Apogee solution to fit all major surround sound workflows without the need for an external monitor controller.

Apogee interfaces are ideal hardware solutions for video editing software like Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premier. Of course, Apogee gear also integrates seamlessly with music production and composition software such as Logic Pro X, Pro Tools HD, Nuendo and Digital Performer.

Apogee Quartet

Edit Room, On Location, Portable Audio Interface

Apogee Quartet is the smallest, most portable and most affordable Apogee interface to offer surround sound monitoring. Quartet features six balanced TRS outputs which can be used to support up to 5.1 surround monitoring or three separate stereo monitor sets. Despite its portable desktop form factor, Quartet offers the best D/A conversion quality in its class along with USB connectivity which syncs perfectly with macOS. Quartet is the easiest way to get up and running with a 5.1 surround sound monitoring system on a Mac.

Ensemble Thunderbolt™

Edit Suite, Project Studio, Sound Design, ADR, Foley Audio

Ensemble Thunderbolt is designed to be an all-in-one solution offering a variety of inputs and outputs to meet a wide range of use cases. As its name implies, Ensemble Thunderbolt utilizes Thunderbolt connectivity which offers incredibly low latency and high CPU efficiency. The output section of Ensemble Thunderbolt features ten balanced analog outputs (2 TRS 8 via DB25) for up to 5.1 surround sound monitoring. Ensemble Also offers an additional eighteen digital outputs via ADAT/SMUX and SPDIF to connect to other digital interfaces. Ensemble Thunderbolt’s eight +75dB Advanced Stepped Gain Architecture mic preamps also make it a perfect device to use for capturing any audio – from voiceover to foley recording.

Symphony I/O Mk II

Dub Stage, Scoring Stage, Broadcast Audio Interface

Symphony I/O Mk II is Apogee’s flagship A/D/A audio interface which offers the highest conversion quality and most modular I/O configurations. Connectivity to the host computer can be made via Thunderbolt, Pro Tools HD connection with Dante and SoundGrid Ethernet options (coming soon). Analog and digital connectivity is achieved through four different I/O modules (2X6, 8X8, 16X16 and 8MP) that can be combined in a number of configurations. Symphony I/O Mk II offers four different surround sound monitoring options depending on your chosen configuration – 5.1, 7.1, 9.1 AMBEO, and 11.1 ATMOS. Symphony I/O Mk II also supports the Apogee Control hardware remote which offers remote volume adjustment, speaker switching and eight assignable buttons for functions such as mute, dim and sum to mono. Symphony I/O Mk II can connect to a wide variety of analog and digital consoles and is a perfect companion for Pro Tools HDX and HD Native Systems and control surfaces. Symphony I/O Mk II offers the pinnacle of audio quality and surround sound monitoring functionality suitable for the best post production facilities.

For more information about Apogee’s surround sound systems feel free to “Ask an Apogee Expert” or contact your local Apogee dealer.