Bob Clearmountain mixes The Price of Kings with Apogee Symphony I/O and Duet 2

Bob Clearmountain recently mixed the audio and music for the documentary series “The Price of Kings”, using Apogee’s flagship audio interface, Symphony I/O, as well as the powerful 2 channel interface, Duet 2. Directed by Richard Symons, The Price of Kings documentary features “extraordinarily candid interviews with world leaders, their families, closest allies and adversaries reveal the secrets, struggles and sacrifices that shape out future.” Rather than contracting the typical post audio mixer, Symons chose to hire Clearmountain and engineer Brandon Duncan to mix the documentary like many of the hit records they’ve done to date. Using Apogee converters, an SSL console and Avid Pro Tools they did just that.

Blog Excerpt:
“Bob [Clearmountain] had never mixed a documentary; his background reads like a who’s who of the music industry, but that’s why we wanted him. As the music from composers Stuart Briner and Tom McFarland came in we realized it was much more than background padding, and needed to be woven through the films. To do that and still hear the faltering dryness in a Presidential voice needed someone used to mixing vocals in with the music without losing any clarity.”