ClipMic Digital

Product Overview

ClipMic Digital is our high-quality lavalier mic for iPhone and iPad, featuring Apogee conversion and a custom omnidirectional mic capsule. 

With a crisp, clear sound and a small, discrete form factor, ClipMic Digital ensures that your message comes across loud and clear whether you live-streaming, conducting a podcast interview, meeting online, recording a lecture or shooting a video. ClipMic Digital is also paired with Apogee’s iOS audio recording app, MetaRecorder, with unique features like metadata entry to automatically label and organize your audio files, recording on multiple linked iPhones, and sync via bluetooth Timecode.

ClipMic Digital couldn’t be easier to use – simply clip it on your clothing, connect directly to your iPhone or iPad’s Lightning port, set the recording level with the free Apogee Maestro or Apogee MetaRecorder app, and start communicating. It’s compatible with any iOS app that supports audio and video recording and streaming, like the Camera app, GarageBand, FaceBook, Youtube and Instagram Live; meeting apps like Zoom and Google Meet, 3rd-party Pro camera apps like Filmic Pro and Mavis, and many more.

Taking this idea to the next step, most video shoots use independent systems to record the video and audio. Using a DSLR to record video, while audio is recorded with ClipMic Digital and Apogee’s MetaRecorder app. This makes capturing the best audio and video during the shoot easier and more flexible.

The MetaRecorder app is great for any audio recording workflow, but it was really designed for this – capturing audio for video. It’s incredibly easy to start recording –  just open the app and tap the red record button. MetaRecorder’s metadata features let you label and organize your audio files in several useful ways, even automatically before you start recording. Add the scene name, take number and Roles label to the file name AND to metadata embedded in the audio file. Add favorites, keywords and markers that automatically appear in Final Cut Pro. Taking a few moments to add metadata at the shoot saves hours in the edit bay when you have to sort through hundreds of files.

What if you have more than one on-screen talent? With MetaRecorder, it’s possible to link up to 4 iPhones or iPads via WiFi, then control them from one Master iPhone or iPad.  For example, you could equip 3 actors each with their own ClipMic Digital and iPhone, then set levels, start and stop recording and add metadata all from the cameraman’s Master iPad.

Once you’re done recording, MetaRecorder makes it easy to share your files via Dropbox, Google Drive, AirDrop, email and several other platforms. MetaRecorder also supports the Atamos format timecode over bluetooth, to sync compatible audio and video devices. With wireless timecode, you can reproduce a feature film workflow on a film student budget.

Best thing about MetaRecorder? Most features are unlocked for free when you connect ClipMic Digital. With ClipMic Digital and the MetaRecorder app, your iPhone or iPad becomes a powerful, portable and pristine-sounding audio recording engine.

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