Apogee Customer Spotlight – Gene Williams

 Long time Apogee fan, Gene Williams is loving his new Symphony I/O MKII!! This is what he has to say, “The Apogee Symphony MK II is the centerpiece of our creative process. The flexibility and stunning sound quality allow us to realize our creative process in ways that add to the whole and never detracts from our workflow.

The Symphony MK II and the new Symphony Control software are a match that is unparalleled in respect to ease of use, extraordinary flexibility, and of course, the brilliant sound quality that Apogee is known for. We work largely in Logic Pro X, and the MK II integrates flawlessly. The setup we normally work with is with the MK II bringing in analog audio from Avalon preamps that are connected directly to mics and instrument inputs for guitars, drum machines, and outboard synthesizers. This combination let’s us capture the highest quality signal whether we’re recording Glenda’s voice, an acoustic guitar, bass, waterphone, analog synths, drum machines, you name it… We get a no latency direct monitor feed from the Symphony Control to record all of these outboard sources with perfect accuracy. It really means you can trust what you hear going “into the box.”

There’s also the incredible ease which the Symphony MK II integrates with Logic Pro X. Routing even the most complex setups from Logic through the Symphony is quick and straight-forward with an abundance of options. The ability to control the majority of the recording parameters directly in Logic is a tremendous time saver and aids in staying in the creative flow unlike any other interface I’ve used.

Finally, there’s the quality of the AD/DA  converters in the MK II…. Pure clarity…. I can trust what goes in as analog sounds great digitally, and vice versa. I also connect the Symphony MK II directly to a pair of Genelec 8351As via AES/EBU connections so there’s literally no noise, no hum, no anything unless you’re actually pumping audio through the signal chain. The first time I set this combination up it was stunning. I’ve worked as an audio engineer since the 1990s, and having a zero noise floor emanating from my monitors is next to priceless in my opinion.

There’s also other bits of Apogee gear in our arsenal, in the past I’ve used the original Symphony, the original Ensemble, and the Duet. Currently we also make great use of the MiC 96k and the Apogee One. 

 Sincerely, hats off to Apogee for being with me for the last twenty plus years of my audio life….