How to Enhance Your Headphones When Traveling

Many of us are familiar with the loud roar of a plane’s engine. Whether you’re sitting in the front or kicking it in the back, the plane’s ambience can drown out your favorite playlist. Being in the air often whether it’s for business or for travel can be exhausting, but it can also be an escape.

Music lets you relax and enjoy that escape. Make sure you’re not missing any of it due to background noise.

So how do you achieve the best sound possible on a noisy plane while jamming out on your computer?

Most people would answer with: noise cancelling headphones, duh. However, they don’t realize you can achieve an even better sound regardless of which headphones you’re using. Yes—even the earbuds you picked up in the airport travel store can be improved.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Most of you probably already have some nice headphones and that’s great! If they have a noise cancelling feature, you’re already ahead of the game. They’re a great type of headphones to have with you whenever you travel.

With the way noise cancelling headphones work, they’re able to successfully reduce the outside noise but it might not be loud enough to fully overcome it. You find yourself maxing out the volume and still yearning for more. Even at your computer’s full level, you might still hear the engine rumbling around you.

Lets dive into how we can fix this problem.

Turn It Up

We all have plane horror stories. Mine involved getting squashed by a large man pushing me into the window with no A/C while they fixed the plane for an additional 45 minutes at the gate. Awful.  However, once I put my headphones on I was out. I could relax and unwind while I listened to Phife Dawg give me permission to kick it.

Regardless of the headphones you’re rockin’, the Apogee Groove can turn any plane ride into a studio listening experience. Groove allows you to turn your music up louder and clearer than your computer normally would. You can now drown out everything around you and fully immerse yourself without being limited to poor crackling sounds.

Sound Quality

So maybe your headphones are plenty loud. But are they achieving the best sound possible? You can unlock the full potential of your headphones and hear every frequency at every volume. If you plug your headphones into your computer right now and turn it all the way up, it’ll be fuzzy and smushed.

Well done digital to analog conversion (DAC) will change the way you listen to music on a plane forever. Your computer already has a converter built in, but when you introduce a high quality DAC like the Groove you hear every detail and dimension of the music you listen to. It’s like adding an extra quality checkpoint before the music hits your ears. By plugging in through your USB, you’re allowing the music to reach it’s full potential. No more high-volume, low-quality listening. With the best, you can expect the best.

It doesn’t matter what headphones you’re wearing. Step it up by treating yourself to the experience you deserve. You have a hard day of work ahead of you, enjoy these couple of hours.