The Kalabia Marine Conservation Vessel

Raja Ampat, Bali

Currently Apogee’s work with Conservation International is focused in Raja Ampat, Bali. Specifically Apogee has provided funding for key materials that were urgently needed for the Kalabia, marine conservation education vessel.

Located in the global epicenter of marine biodiversity and with approximately ten times the coral diversity of the entire Caribbean Sea, Raja Ampat is undeniably one of the top global priorities for marine conservation. Though its reefs and associated fish stocks are still in generally excellent health, there is an urgent need to increase the awareness of the people of Raja Ampat of the importance of their reefs and the growing litany of threats facing them – from global climate change to overfishing by foreign fleets – in order that they become even more passionate stewards of these reefs.

Unfortunately, with over 100 remote villages scattered over just as many islands, providing outreach to these communities is a serious logistical challenge. The solution? The brightly painted 115 foot MV Kalabia floating environmental education center, which travels from village to village spending 3-4 days in each, educating schoolchildren through an innovative experiential curriculum which is creating an army of young marine conservationists.