They're In: Jesse Ray Ernster & Bob Clearmountain Podcast

Jesse Ray Ernster

Jesse Ray Ernster

Canadian-born Jesse Ray Ernster followed in his parent’s footsteps by pursuing a life of music. Long before winning Grammy Awards for his work with Burna Boy, Doja Cat, and Kanye West, he spent his upbringing studying music theory and exercising proficiency on multiple instruments, and ultimately discovered his love for the process of making records. He moved to California in 2017 and began his Los Angeles journey by delivering obnoxiously colored resumes attached to donut boxes to every studio in the San Fernando Valley (there were some bites…). This hustle continued as Jesse built a reputation for himself around town as a hungry engineer with special musical taste, as well as a composer for film and TV in his spare time while pursuing mixing as a full time gig (with work including “Ripley’s Believe it or Not!” And MTV’s “The Challenge”). In 2018, he met Kanye West during a tracking session he was engineering for Tyga, and he went on to become Kanye West’s engineer on the “Yandhi”, “Jesus is King”, and “Donda” albums, and that ultimately led to a pivot solely into mixing. His lifelong dedication and love for music grants him the ability to hear the music emotionally, make artistic mix decisions creatively, and refine those sonic decisions with technical precision.

Bob Clearmountain

Bob Clearmountain At His studio

Bob Clearmountain is an American music engineer, mixer and producer. He has worked with many prominent names in music including Bruce Springsteen (mixing Springsteen’s Born in the U.S.A.), The Rolling Stones (re-mixes of the singles “Miss You” and “Out of Tears”) as well as their Tattoo You album, Bryan Adams (mixing almost all of his albums since Reckless), Robbie Williams (Intensive Care), Toto, Bon Jovi (These Days, Crush, Bounce), Altered State, Simple Minds, and 235 other artists.[1] He has been nominated for four Grammy Awards and won a Latin Grammy Award in 2007 for Best Male Pop Vocal Album for his work with engineering Ricky Martin’s “MTV Unplugged”. He has also won an Emmy and he has won seven TEC Awards for “Best Recording Engineer”, two others for “Best Broadcast Engineer”, one special “Les Paul Award” and a Monitor Award for the Rolling Stones Voodoo Lounge pay-per-view show. He is married to Apogee Electronics CEO, Betty Bennett.